What is a Retreat?

A retreat is a time to move from the busyness of ordinary life and to journey in solitude and silence in order to deepen your relationship with God, creation, others and oneself. There are a variety of retreat options offered at Villa Saint-Martin. If you are new to the retreat experience, we recommend that you choose a retreat which offers individual spiritual direction.

What is a Weekend Directed Retreat?

A Weekend Directed Retreat is a time for you to come and see for yourself and to meet God in a new and personal way. You will have the opportunity of meeting several times with a spiritual director who will accompany you on your prayer journey.

As the director listens to you, they will respond and guide you according to your desires and needs. If you are new to the retreat experience, your director will provide guidance to help you with your prayer and the atmosphere of silence. There may be other communal prayer times in addition to the daily Eucharist.

What is a Directed Retreat?

A Directed Retreat provides you with individual direction in an environment of silence and prayer. A spiritual director meets with you each day, listens as you share your prayer experiences, helps you reflect on them and discover the path God is revealing to you. This facilitates a deepening of your relationship with God.

These retreats are usually based on Sacred Scripture and there is opportunity for participation in a daily Eucharist. They can be 5 day or 8day in length.

What is a Facilitated Retreat?

A Facilitated Retreat is one which helps you explore a particular theme based on Sacred Scripture, connecting with an aspect of life or a Liturgical Season. It includes daily celebration of the Eucharist, presentations on a topic and a short period of time for consultation with a spiritual director. Each day provides ample time for personal prayer and reflection. There may be other communal prayer times in addition to the daily Eucharist.