The property on which the Villa Saint-Martin is currently situated was purchased in 1951 from the Ogilvie family, owners of a flour milling company in Montreal. The building was constructed around 1900.

The Villa is a fine example of masonry with Scottish seigniorial style architecture. This style is a neo-gothic architectural movement born in Scotland in the early nineteenth century and popular until the First World War.

The Jesuits bought the property in 1953 to make of it a new center for spiritual renewal. However, the mission of the Villa had begun before this date, in 1910-1913 at Boucherville, and it eventually moved to boulevard Saint-Martin, in Laval. It was finally relocated to Pierrefonds in 1953 by Fr Papin-Archambault, the provincial of the Jesuits at the time. Its ministry originally targeted businessmen and professionals, and the alumni from our various colleges. The objective was to assist them deepen their faith, so that they could manifest it more fully in their daily lives.