Despite the number of rooms available in the Villa, we are restricting the number of rooms to ensure that each retreatant will have designated shower and washroom facilities. Retreats are therefore limited to 20 participants.

Villa Saint-Martin has two wings for accommodations:


  • the Villa wing offers 46 rooms on two floors, and
  • the residence wing has 12 rooms.


Bedding, towels, and soap are provided in the rooms.


Villa side

These rooms are equipped with a sink; toilets and showers are located at the east end of each floor. Two rooms on the 1st floor and one room on the 2nd floor offer a private bathroom. In winter, rooms are heated by a central hot water system.

First floor: 17 rooms:

  • 2 rooms with twin beds
  • 1 room with double bed and single bed, private bathroom
  • 1 room with queen size bed, private bathroom
  • 13 rooms with double or single bed

Second floor: 29 rooms

  • 1 room with double bed and single bed, private bathroom
  • 28 rooms with double bed or single bed

Residence side

All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom. In winter, this section has electric heating and is controlled by individual thermostats. In this wing, our guests have the use of a coffee corner as well as a small dining room. Please note that priority is given to people who are on retreat or participate in spirituality sessions regardless of their spiritual and religious traditions. Silence is required during these events.

9 rooms with 1 king size bed, private bathroom
3 rooms with 2 single beds, private bathroom

Room maintenance is done when the guests leave.
Please contact the main office for any special requests.