Registration – Summer 2020

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Explore Saturday

What Now? Seeking God’s Will in my Life

Facilitation: Sylvester Tan, S.J.

Date: Saturday, May 23, 2020, 9AM–4PM

Cost: FREE

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From the time of his conversion until the end of his life, Saint Ignatius of Loyola sought to discover God’s will and to be guided by it. Even today, Ignatius’s journey offers profound lessons that can help those who continue to seek God’s will and to be guided by it. This workshop will share a few of the many tools and teachings Ignatius offers to help us discern God’s will. Time will be provided for quiet prayer and reflection as well as discussion in small groups. Some knowledge of Ignatius’s rules for the discernment of spirits is helpful, but not required for participation in this workshop.

Facilitated Retreats

Laudato Sì! Serving God in Creation

Marc-André Veselovsky, S.J., Oliver Capko, S.J., and Sylvester Tan, S.J

Date: Friday, May 22, 2020 (7PM) to Sunday, May 24, 2020 (1PM)

Cost: $75 (suggested amount)

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“What type of world do we want to leave to those who will come after us, to children who are growing up? Motivated by this question, I would like to invite you to participate in Laudato sì Week from May 16 to 24, 2020. It is a global campaign on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the encyclical letter Laudato sì on the care of the common home. I renew my urgent call to respond to the ecological crisis. The cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor cannot continue. Let’s take care of creation a gift of our good Creator God. Let’s celebrate Laudato sì Week together! May God bless you, and not forget to pray for me.” (Pope Francis, March 3, 2020)

During Laudato sì Week, connect with the Villa Saint-Martin for this very special online retreat in which, guided by Pope Francis’s Laudato sì, we ask God for the grace to open our eyes to the goodness of God’s creation and the path to redemption that God offers for us when we take up the invitation to care for one another and for all of God’s creation! The retreat will begin Friday, May 22 at 7 pm and conclude after an online Mass at noon on Sunday, May 24.

Personally Directed Retreats

3-8 Day Guided Retreats

June 29 to July 7, 2020 or July 10-17, 2020

Facilitated by the Villa Saint Martin Team Cost: 25$/Day

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You can make a 3-Day, 5-Day, or 8-Day retreat, depending on your availability and needs. When registering, please choose a timeframe for desired length between June 29-July 7 or between July 10-17. We will put you in touch with a person who will be able to accompany you as your guide during this period.

These virtual retreats are guided by the dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Because they are “personally directed,” each retreat is different, with each retreatant following a unique path with the assistance of a personal spiritual guide.

Each day of your retreat, you can have a meeting over Zoom or Skype with your spiritual guide. This meeting will assist you in preparing your prayer times, in arranging and creating space for silent reflection, and in discovering passages from the Bible and other sacred texts that can help you in prayer so that you can encounter anew the Lord who awaits you in this precise moment in your life. You can also learn how to review your prayer and your day so that you can become more mindful of how the Spirit moves within you.

For those who wish to participate in 3 to 8-day retreats on site at Villa Saint Martin, we will inform you on June 1 when we expect to be able to open our doors and under what conditions it might be possible to make the retreat on-site.

33-day Guided Retreats

June 28 through July 31, 2020

Facilitated by the Villa Saint Martin Team Cost: 3200$ (On-site) / 900$ (Online)

This summer, you can make the full month of Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (33 consecutive days) from the comfort of your own home! The Spiritual Exercises ground the spiritual formation of every Jesuit. For five centuries, countless people seeking a deeper encounter with God in their lives have found the Spiritual Exercises to be a foundational and life-changing experience. If you have already made a silent retreat or a retreat in daily life, perhaps you may benefit from the opportunity to walk with the Lord through the full Spiritual Exercises through our 33-day program. People who have already made a shorter retreat (or 18th/19th annotation exercises) can apply to participate in this experience, which require the participant’s full availability from June 28 through July 31.

How do I make the Exercises online? It’s simple! Apply using the link below. After your application has been received, and if you are admitted to the program, a member of our team will contact you and explain to you the spiritual direction process and will provide instructions that will set you up to meet daily with a spiritual guide through Zoom or Skype over the course of the retreat.

For those who wish to participate in the 33-day Exercises on site at Villa Saint Martin, we will inform you on June 1 when we expect to be able to open our doors and under what conditions it might be possible to make the retreat on-site.

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