Aging Gracefully Seniors Retreat

May 17, 2020 - May 22, 2020, Stay

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A retreat is a time to break out of the daily routine and go further on your spiritual path. You will find the space, silence and beauty you need to rest, learn, reflect and pray.  This retreat concerns seniors.
  • The retreat begins at 5 pm on Sunday and concludes after lunch on Friday

Facilitated by Catherine Cherry

Who is Catherine Cherry?

Catherine Cherry, M.Ed. M.A.

Psychotherapist, Educator, and Spiritual Director

Throughout her life Catherine Cherry has always had a multitude of questions and a love of learning; and she has always enjoyed sharing these quests and discoveries, working in the fields of education, spiritual community animation, psychotherapy, spiritual direction, and retreats.

Relevant to this retreat, she and a Gerontologist gave yearly “Aging Gracefully” retreats which grew into monthly meetings that continued for seven years.

She incorporates knowledge from her studies and love of Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Theology, Spirituality, Psychology, Counselling, and Marital and Family Therapy.

She has given a multitude of psychological and spiritual workshops and retreats in and around Montreal, Ontario and New York State.

Presently, she does Spiritual Direction and has a Private Practice in Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy.

But most important, she is an active member of her faith community, a pray-er, in love with God, her friends, her family, and especially her grandchildren.


Cost:  $ 495 – Villa with common bathroom

$ 520 – Villa with private bathroom

$ 550 – Residence with private bathroom

To register, call (514)684-2311 ext 0 OR