Holy Thursday:  Bread of the World

April 9, 2020, 9 00 - 16 00

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On the night of the first passover, God instructed the Israelites to gird their loins and feast on the passover lamb, eating an unleavened bread that was to be spare and prepared in haste. When the Israelites that God had set free were hungry, God gave them manna, the “bread of angels” which appeared with the lifting of the dewfall. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the house of bread, and at his birth he was placed in a feeding trough for animals. Jesus multiplied loaves for a hungry people, proclaiming to them that he is himself the bread of life, and at the last supper, he offers a new “bread of angels,” through which he will be present until he comes again.

Join us for a day-long retreat in which we prepare for the mysteries of the Lord’s supper by entering more deeply into the spiritual reality that simple bread offers us. We will make bread and share it as we seek to encounter the one who makes himself known through the breaking of the bread. The retreat begins at 9 am and ends before supper.

Cost:  $ 45 includes lunch