Taizé Prayer Retreat

February 29, 2020, 9 00 - 17 00

Catégorie :

An Explore Saturday

Facilitated  by Gabriel Côté, S.J. and a team of young Jesuits

Learn, experience, and share with others the riches of prayer in the contemplative musical tradition of Taizé! Since 1940, when Frère Roger Schultz founded the Taizé Community, the monastic reality at the heart of this ecumenical movement has grown to over ninety brothers from over twenty different countries and many different churches and ecclesial communities. Tens of thousands of of young people trek to the village of Taizé, France, every year to learn and pray with the brothers who welcome them into the joy of their communal faith experience.

For several years now, the Villa Saint-Martin has offered regular day-long and weekend opportunities for people to gather as a community to praise and reverence the Lord together. This particular Saturday experience is marked by four offices (prayer sessions) from the Taizé liturgy of the hours. Points for personal prayer will also be offered, as well as an opportunity, at the end of the day, to share the fruits of your prayer with others. The rest of the day is spent in silence, including during meals. Those who wish have the opportunity to meet with a priest for a conversation and/or the sacrament of reconciliation.

Cost:  $ 45 includes lunch and the day’s activities